Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Welcome to my new blog

This is my first post and the first step shering my dividend and financial activity with other people.

For twenty years I invest money at different channels at the stock market.In all this years I earned and lost money, but always I belived in myself that this is the only way to be financial freedom at young age, and another way to earn money to buy an apartment or to have money for retirement.

Five years ago I've got divorced after 7 years of marrige, I had to give up on my share at the apartment we had, as a part of the alimony agreement till my kids will be 21.

At age 38 I found myself starting my financial life from the begining.
I pay 670$ every month alimony and it will be over at 2031, when my young son will be 21 years old.
I invite you all to follow me and open your mind to a new way to be financial freedom, and not rupture under the burden of alimony or the oppsite of those who raise the kids alone with out any help or financial backup.


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