Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dividend Portfolio Update - July 2015

Well, the time has come to update my dividend portfolio once again as heading to another start of a new month. My portfolio is my way to freedom from looking after funds to pay my alimony. One day, the dividend income this portfolio generates will fully cover my alimony. It’s important to keep in mind that I'm updating the overall value of my portfolio because if I have setbacks (like in the last 2 months I'm not working a full time job and I 'm doing side hustles), I will use the funds in my dividend portfolio to pay my alimony.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Side Hustles

After 2 months of not working a full time day job 9am - 17pm, my financial situation took a nose dive, and i needed to find resources to pay my alimony, fuel to my car (so i can drive and see my kids), my debt (consumer loans and credit card debt), so I took 3 side hustles for the time to bring money home:

1. My Dividend Income - I've decided to use my dividend income that my portfolio generate so I use this small pile of cash every month and not reinvest it back into my portfolio, it is not a good idea but I need that cash now, but later when financial situation will be better I will return that money back into my account.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Time...

Summer vacation is here and with him come the jellyfish .

Every second weekend, we do not need to plan what to do ... it's obvious....The sea...

Early at the morning we're going to the sea .

During spring and summer , I take my kids to the beach as much as possible ,enjoy freedom,the atmosphere is good, and  we relaxing  in the water of the Mediterranean sea, in these hours that we spend at sea where there is no homework or friends ,or any other distractions, we're having the quality time with my own children.

Cold watermelon. Pita with humms. San. Towel. Sunscreen. Water. Sunshade and us. Father and two children.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dividend Income - June 2015

Another month has passed by and I'm glad to share my journey to financial freedom due to alimony.
In June I earned $114.51 (after tax) in dividends  -

AFL - $3.80
V - $1.80
CVX - $11.23
ADM - $5.67
IBM - $7.80
TGT - $7.80
XOM - $5.47
MMM - $6.92
WBA - $3.79
HSY - $4.42
UNP - $4.12
KBE - $3.66
IYR - $6.91
DVY - $7.28
IXJ - $7.56
FDD - $19.67
WMT - $6.61

In June more than half of my portfolio paid me dividends (17 companies and ETF's). This is my highest dividend income so far and first time 3 digits of dividend income. soon I will get the KRFT special dividend payment due to the merger with Heinz. All the dividends are still in cash because I'm waiting for the pile to get bigger.