Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kraft - Heinz Merger

As many already know Kraft (KRFT) is merging with Heinz to become the Kraft Heinz Company. The new company will become the third-largest food company in North America and the 5th largest in the world. The best part of the news aside from a jump in shareholder value is that Warren Buffett is involved in the deal and will keep his shares in the company, so if he keep the shares I will do the same - I will not sell my stake in the new company.

Kraft shareholders will receive a 49% stake in the new company and will also receive a special $16.50 dividend.

Since I currently own 15 shares, my special dividend amount will be $185.62 (after tax).

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dividend Raise - March 2015

1 Company from my portfolio raised her dividends:

General Mills(GIS), manufactures and markets branded consumer foods in the United States and internationally. It also supplies branded and unbranded food products to the foodservice and commercial baking industries. The company operates in three segments: U.S. Retail, International, and Convenience Stores and Foodservice. Its products include ready-to-eat cereals; convenient meals, including meal kits, ethnic meals, pizza, frozen breakfast, and frozen entrees; snacks comprising grain, fruit, and savory snacks, as well as nutrition bars and frozen hot snacks; refrigerated yogurt products; ice creams; baking mixes and ingredients; refrigerated and frozen dough products; and frozen and shelf-stable vegetable products. In addition, the company’s products comprise organic products, such as granola bars, cereals, and soups. It sells its products directly, as well as through broker and distribution arrangements to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, membership stores, natural food chains, commercial and noncommercial foodservice distributors and operators, restaurants, and convenience stores, as well as to drug, dollar, and discount chains. Further, it owns retail shops that offer ice creams and frozen desserts. General Mills, Inc. also exports its products primarily to Caribbean and Latin American markets. The company raised its quarterly dividend by 7.30% to $0.44/share. 

You can watch my portfolio to view how many stocks I have in every company. 

Did you got any raise too?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Habits To Financial Freedom

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility, to give something back. ~ Anthony Robbins
After reading a number of books and blogs about financial freedom, the thought occurred to me to write a post about the habits you should adopt to achieve financial freedom?
I divided the post to habits that will help us to achieve financial freedom, but first we need to understand before what is, in fact, self-sufficiency? This is when a man puts enough money to maintain a lifestyle provides without having to work as an employee time every day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dividend Income - February 2015

Another month has passed by and I'm glad to share my journey to financial freedom due to alimony.
In February I earned $58.51 (after tax) in dividends  -

GIS - $5.53
AXP - $2.73
CL - $4.32
PG - $5.79
FAST - $3.99
COST - $2.40
COST Special - $33.75

Thanks to the special dividend from COST it was a better than usual February, now I'm waiting to March dividends because more than half of my portfolio will pay me dividends (18 companies and ETF's) hope to get first time ever over $100 in dividend income.

February dividend income covers 8.7% from the monthly alimony.

I invite you to write and share your dividend income of February.

I'm long on all the above mention stocks..

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I've Got Divorced - I've started My Journy To Freedom.

On the day I decided to get a divorce, I decided very clear - to be released and be free period.

My decision to be free not only on the physical level of separation of houses and at my I.D. card writing 'divorced' but actually free. Check every corner in my soul which 'scratches' engraved in me during marriage, the places where I do things because that this is my will or my personal need, and what I'm doing because I'm still under the influence of marriage and want to do things the way my ex wanted, but ... oops ... she no longer lives at home with me . It's just me live at home with me .A little curiosity about release started at the small things and coming to the big things -
Introduction - when we were married laundry and shopping were her responsibility.