Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dividend Income - February 2015

Another month has passed by and I'm glad to share my journey to financial freedom due to alimony.
In February I earned $58.51 (after tax) in dividends  -

GIS - $5.53
AXP - $2.73
CL - $4.32
PG - $5.79
FAST - $3.99
COST - $2.40
COST Special - $33.75

Thanks to the special dividend from COST it was a better than usual February, now I'm waiting to March dividends because more than half of my portfolio will pay me dividends (18 companies and ETF's) hope to get first time ever over $100 in dividend income.

February dividend income covers 8.7% from the monthly alimony.

I invite you to write and share your dividend income of February.

I'm long on all the above mention stocks..


  1. I see we share a few names in common for our recent dividend income. I'll be posting my income soon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Solid month of dividends. I also own GIS and PG but that's our only overlap. Although that's probably for lack of good opportunities to purchase some of the other names you own. Keep up the good work!

    1. PIP

      Hope soon will be more opportunities in the market to all of us.

      thanks for stoping by.

  3. FF,

    Pretty solid months! Love the companies you listed there. Glad to be a fellow shareholder of PG, for example.

    Keep it up! I'm looking forward to your strong March.

    Best wishes,

    1. NMW

      I'm also waiting for March, so far so good. nice to find a fellow shareholder. great minds think the same :)

      Thanks for stoping by

  4. Congrats on the dividend income for Feb! Keep it up!

  5. Tawcan

    Thanks for stoping by.

    I will try to grow my snowball