Sunday, March 15, 2015

Habits To Financial Freedom

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility, to give something back. ~ Anthony Robbins
After reading a number of books and blogs about financial freedom, the thought occurred to me to write a post about the habits you should adopt to achieve financial freedom?
I divided the post to habits that will help us to achieve financial freedom, but first we need to understand before what is, in fact, self-sufficiency? This is when a man puts enough money to maintain a lifestyle provides without having to work as an employee time every day.

Here are the most important habits in my opinion (but would love if you add your opinion):
Habit 1 - Be thankful
Financial independence begins with gratitude. Take time each day to thank and appreciate everything Mborc.hcr thank your dreams fulfilling future as already blessed them and made your life. Gratitude will allow you to attract the blessings that you request. When they arrive, protect them from the thieves rob you of your finances.
Habit No. 2 - Liberate Your Future
Past debts are thieves of the future. If you want financial independence, her lifestyle appropriate fit you in such a way not to get unnecessary personal debt on Tzrichh.hiim level should not be extravagant and ostentatious. If you are conservative most of the time, you can allow yourself to be extravagant at the right times
Habit No. 3 - Commit to Wellness
Your Health is an asset that must be protected. Like smart financial behavior and responsible,
Also maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a long-term commitment - and here I am very sinful bodies - I try to practice, sometimes sinful smoking cigarettes.
Habit No. 4 - Open savings discipline, Track your expenses and open an emergency fund.
The best way to be informed of how money actually comes and goes in your life Contrary to how you think it comes and goes ... it is the step that somehow makes the greatest impact on the setting out of economic independence ..
The most important thing to do is to track your spending, no matter what !! - Any method you choose will stick to it. Make it a habit.
After locates your expenses for a few months, use the data collected to develop a budget.
Many people - myself included - can not seem to keep the budget for a variety of reasons: it's boring, we do not think we need it, or we do not know how. But this simple act can provide a roadmap for your money.
Financial freedom requires you to save, and saving requires discipline. Also very important to open an emergency fund to be at a height of at least one monthly salary.
Habit No. 5 - Invest Wisely and Respect Money
Make investments that will create you a steady stream of passive income. This will help you stay independent if you can not work. Passive income also provide additional investment and further economic growth.
Habit No. 6 - Set Goals
The road to wealth is paved targets. If you do not know why you do it - why are you doing sacrifices, why are you working so hard - it's easy to fail. But if you set your goals, they can guide you even when things get tough. When you need to make the decision, your goals can help you stay focused on what's important.
Habit No. 7 - Build financial freedom through the acquisition of knowledge
You do not need a PhD in economics to achieve financial independence. But yes you need to acquire knowledge, especially training adapted to create financial independence and increasing revenues.
And the best - if you can find a partner for the road, mentor, who came to his own financial independence and now ready to assist you from the knowledge and experience to do so.
Start the journey to financial independence today Do not wait for tomorrow.

I'd love to read your thoughts on the habits I have written, do they really help to achieve financial freedom,
Are there other habits you recommend them?


  1. Hi FF,

    Just made a post very similar and I find that we have the same views on most of your points.

    Cheers and good luck.


    1. RA50

      I think that most of the financial freedom journy will have the same habits.

  2. Spot on! Well done FFDP. Nice post. I couldn't agree more. If only I knew when I was younger. "Si jeunesse savait et si vieillesse pouvait". If only young people knew and old people could...

    Good luck on your journey!