Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Time...

Summer vacation is here and with him come the jellyfish .

Every second weekend, we do not need to plan what to do ... it's obvious....The sea...

Early at the morning we're going to the sea .

During spring and summer , I take my kids to the beach as much as possible ,enjoy freedom,the atmosphere is good, and  we relaxing  in the water of the Mediterranean sea, in these hours that we spend at sea where there is no homework or friends ,or any other distractions, we're having the quality time with my own children.

Cold watermelon. Pita with humms. San. Towel. Sunscreen. Water. Sunshade and us. Father and two children.

In these hours I have with my children, I try to instill in them also my loves, and love for the sea is one of them.
Sound of the waves, the wind caresses, sunset melting into the sea, being together with thousands of unfamiliar people and yet being able to be alone and meditate, read a book quietly, dig our feet in the sand all of these are moments of happiness.

Fortunately, my kids love the sea with all their hurt, and enjoy the beach even if there are jellyfish and we can't go into the sea, be in the beach is our entertainment, they know that no matter what, whenever they will ask me to go to the sea….I will take them.
I do not have a lot of things that are just us. The sea and jellyfish is our special place. That my children will take with them for life.

P.s. Lucky me that my love to sea is optimize to my financial situation.

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