Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Side Hustles

After 2 months of not working a full time day job 9am - 17pm, my financial situation took a nose dive, and i needed to find resources to pay my alimony, fuel to my car (so i can drive and see my kids), my debt (consumer loans and credit card debt), so I took 3 side hustles for the time to bring money home:

1. My Dividend Income - I've decided to use my dividend income that my portfolio generate so I use this small pile of cash every month and not reinvest it back into my portfolio, it is not a good idea but I need that cash now, but later when financial situation will be better I will return that money back into my account.

2. Selling My Stamp Collection - As I wrote before Here, I have more then 15,000+ stamps that I can sell and get money for them, I opened a store at Delcampe - this site is for stamp collectors, and other collectors, the store is getting filled those days. I will also try to sell later at Ebay stamps and other things I have around the flat that I don't need any more.

3. Collect Cans And Bottles - At first I was a shame to write this down, but hey it is money that I make and help Earth, For each bottles or cans I get $0.10 each, I collect not much, but every $$ counts.

Do you have any Side Hustle yourself? or give me more ideas?


  1. Hey Sharon!

    I'm happy that you're still managing to pay your alimony through alternative money-making methods - it shows you're resourceful. I would not be ashamed of the bottle collecting - it's making you some money and you're helping the environment. You should be proud! :)

    Keep it up man!


    1. DL

      I'm doing my best to pay the alimony,and I will do everything.

      thanks for stopping by and for the good words.