Friday, November 27, 2015

Deer, Brown Bear, Elephant Got Into The Stock Market

The Investing world uses a lot analogy from the animals world: Monkey Portfolio, Bear Market, Bull Market, Elephent Gun( used by Warren Bufett).
In this post I will add 2 more analogy to animals:

Dear Gun
Brown Bear (BB) Gun

When I've started to invest 2 years ago I didn't had any "gun", to catch those dividend paying companies, When my portfolio grew over time, I started to use my dividends to reinvest in my portfolio to bring more dividends to my account so I can be free from worrying about paying alimony.

So what are those "guns" are:

Deer Gun - Small amount of dividends that reinvested back into the portfolio for more dividends and bigger checks. Bloggers that have for now Deer Gun are: No More Waffles, ANHA Investing , Me of course and much more bloggers out there.

Brown Bear (BB) Gun - Medium to large amount of dividends that reinvested back into the portfolio for more dividends and bigger checks, and that amount they can use more often their Cash checks they've got for more Cash Flow. Bloggers that have for now BB gun are: DivHut, Dividend Diplomats, Tawcan,Dividend Hawk.

Elephant Gun - Really big dividend income that can buy whole company with the cash that pile up. person that have such gun is - Warren Buffet.

For the mean time I have small monthly dividend income, but in 6 years I want to have the Brown Bear Gun, and be Financial Freedom.

So - LET KEEP THE SNOWBALL ROLLING and Happy Thanksgiving For All of You and your Families.


  1. Great analogies for our dividend income and reinvestment capabilities. It always starts off with the small BB but over time the gun and ammo grows. Thank you for the mention. Much appreciated.

    1. DivHut

      So far I have small dividend income but soon I will have even bigger gun and ammo.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great analogy. I like to see my reinvent of dividend as planting seeds. They'll grow more dividend trees for me. :-)

    1. Hi Tawcan

      I like the gun and ammo analogy more then trees like Warren Buffet like guns.

      Tanks for stopping by.