Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hobby That Worth Money

Today I want to talk about my second hobby collecting stamps and coins, my first hobby is collecting stocks of good companies that will generate me passive income :) ) : I've started to collect stamps and coins when I was 14 years old (29 years ago), the collection of stamps started with the stamps that where on the envelopes that my parents got in the mail, and also I got my brother's small collection. The coins I've got from family members that went abroad.
16 years ago I've discovered Ebay, a new world open to me with infinite options to earn money from something I love. At this moment I decided to open a shop in Ebay, to do it right I started to buy more stamps and also to buy huge amount of new stamps from the post office, also I've started to sell the new stamps. With the money that I've got from the sell I bought even more stamps at Ebay. When I made the divorce settlement I had to give up 50% of my collection worth (I gave her cash and kept the stamps). I stopped buying stamps at Ebay and the post office since I left home (5 years ago). Today when my life is on the track again I decided to reopen my shop and sell the stamps at Ebay and Delcampe for cash, so I can go back to my first hobby.

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