Sunday, August 16, 2015

Readers Advise - To Sell Or Not To Sell

Hi All

In my dividend portfolio there are 5 ETF's that for now pays me dividends, but those dividends are much smaller then if I will hold stocks that pays me growing dividends,but in the other view they are more volatility(it is also can be very good thing).

I will write the stocks I think that will replace those ETF's:

FDD (Europe dividend stocks) - SBUX 

DVY(Select Dividend) - PEP


IXJ (Healthcare) - JNJ

KBE (Regional Banks) - WFC

I find those stocks much attractive to me then those ETF's , the big problem is that for each sell or buy I pays $23 fee - so it is total of $230 fees but in 20 years perspective it is not much money but in today value it is alot.

So what do you think about my picks? Do you think other stocks can be better right now?


  1. I always prefer individual stocks over ETFs. I have JNJ, PEP and WFC in my portfolio and plan to keep those for a long, long time. I bought them back in 2007. I might consider SBUX as it's still a growing company. I like your choices but those fees to sell seem high. What brokerage do you use?

    1. DivHut

      I can only work with a bank in Israel, I know it is very very high.

      Thanks for stopping by