Monday, August 10, 2015

Side Hustles Part 2

After the first post about my side hustles, I remembered that once i wrote a blog about stamps and coins long time ago, I did a google on my name and - I FOUND IT!! , there was also google ads on this blog, so I tried my best to find in which email I wrote the stamps blog( Coins And Stamps Are Us ) and I got into the ad sense account and there it was :$17.84 waiting there for me for 7 YEARS!!! I accumulated this without any writing and promoting, so now I have more passive income and side hustle : Ads Advertising in my blogs (Google + Amazon).

Not Much but every cent count for me now so I can pay alimony without to worry much from where I should bring the money.

What else can I do to bring more money?


  1. Very cent counts, congrats on the side hustle income.

  2. Tawcan

    I wish i had more income from those blogs but yet not much

    Thanks for your support

  3. Ha, pretty amazing that you thought of that money after seven years! It's like finding a bank note stuffed in a book somewhere for a long time.

    1. NMW

      When you need money you are doing whatever you can to find more income streems.