Thursday, October 15, 2015

Side Hustles - September 2015

It is the time to post about my Side Hustles, I try to bring as much income as I can so I can pay my child support(Alimony), I try to build few income streams in case I will lose again my day job income - Like it was before.

So here they are:

Dividend income - $70.68

Ads on this blog and my other blog about coins and stamps - $0.09

Delcampe store - $1.25 sales (Not profit!!)

eBay Store - $14.50 sales( Not profit!!)

Recycling Cans and Bottles - $12.58

Total Side Hustles for September: $99.10

My side hustles don't picked up yet, the ads on my blogs still are low income, but my main problem is the low sales in my eBay store and Delcampe store that it seems that the sales don't pick up, but now the holidays season starts so I will keep the stores open.

The Dividend income and recycling cans and bottles generate solid income so far.


  1. Hang in there, Sharon. Like you said, 5 years ago, you started life over from the beginning, so in that context, any 5yr old who is capable of recycling cans and bottles is doing pretty darned well for themselves. Just imagine how much this will add up if you keep doing it for the next 30 years! Same with your dividend growth portfolio.

    We're about the same age and have the same number of kids. While our histories are different - many of our goals are the same: Provision of a better life for our children and financial freedom.

    Keep the faith. I commend you for making every effort that you age!

    1. I make all the effort that I can, it is very very hard to live like I live a way from my kids.

      But things will get better in the next few years.

      Thanks for stopping by.