Thursday, May 26, 2016

March - April 2016 Review

Hello my readers,

It's been a while since I wrote to you about my dividend income and dividend portfolio. I was a way from home, I traveled to India ,to take some time to myself and think what I want to do in my life. I used to work in the insurance industry, after the trip I quit my job and decided to turn my hobby (as I wrote here ) into a business, I opened for now store in eBay called : Divorced Place . I sell there mainly postage stamps, coins, postcards, cd's, dvd's.As of this issue I need an Investor ( Wrote about it here) so I can buy new inventory. as you all know Warren Buffet he is also stamps collector, If someone knows how I can reach him so he will invest in me and help me to make this business bigger and keep the stamp collecting alive and not only for adults, I want that kids will start also to collect stamps and not only play over the computer.

So now for some more pictures from my travel to india:

Like good investor I eat and drink what I own.
Sunset time at pushkar

Pushkar - the holy lake 


Chai - the ultimate tea with milk

I realy liked the time in India - to relax , to meet new people, to meet new culture, to taste new food.
I will go there soon , I need to travel the other side of India.

And now for some numbers:

March Dividend Income:

AFL $4
WFC $3.66
V $2.10
ADM $6.07
JNJ  $3.94
CVX  $11.23
HSY  $4.81
TGT  $8.40
WBA $4.05
IBM  $7.80
MMM  $7.49
XOM  $5.47
DOV  $3.78
PEP  $3.17
UNP  $4.12

TOTAL:  $80.09

April Dividend Income:

KO  $8.92
WMT  $6.75
KMB  $9.66
KHC  $6.47
PM  $6.12
MO  $11.02

TOTAL:  $48.94

April Stock Sells:

CVX - All Stocks
FAST - All Stocks
DOV - All Stocks
VZ - All Stocks
DE - All Stocks

March Dividend Raise:

CL  raised its quarterly dividend by 2.6% to $0.39/share.
GIS raised its quarterly dividend by 4.5% to $0.46/share.

April Dividend Raise:

PG raised its quarterly dividend by 1% to $0.6695/share.
OHI raised its quarterly dividend by 1.8% to $0.58/share.
COST raised its quarterly dividend by 12.5% to $0.45/share.
IBM raised its quarterly dividend by 7.7% to $1.40/share.
WFC raised its quarterly dividend by 1.3% to $0.38/share.
XOM raised its quarterly dividend by 2.7% to $0.75/share.
JNJ raised its quarterly dividend by 6.7% to $0.80/share.

Google Adsense Income:

March -  $0.72
April - $0.24

eBay Income (Not Profit!!):

March - $47.50
April - $145.18

So as you can see my dividend income is getting better, but after I returned and decided to open my bussiness I needed to sell stocks so I can pay for the alimony , bills, rent.
eBay store income will get bigger every month from now on I hope becuse this will be the main income.
Google Adsense income is not getting the income that I wanted and I will not get my year goal about this section, but thanks for your support.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked what you saw in the picturs, If you like what you read please share.

Best Wishes and Namaste



  1. Would love to go to India one of these days, thanks for the pictures. Great dividend income for March and April. Keep that snowball rolling!

    1. Tawcan

      India right now is for the frugal traveler, but soon prices will pick up.

      The dividend income will be lower in the next months.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Great photos. I'm glad you were able to take this trip. Also, Congrats on your March and April dividend income.

    1. IH

      Thanks, The trip was great, hope to get back to India again soon.


  3. Thanks for sharing some of your India photos as well as your financial updates with your eBay store and dividends. Like you I also like to buy products that I am a shareholder of. Nice to see you "keeping it in the family." Keep posting more stories about life, travel, dividends, etc. and your Adsense will grow as your traffic grows. It's always super slow in the beginning and it's tough to break through that wall sometimes. Keep it up. Look forward to your next update.

    1. DivHut

      My next update will be soon.

      About traffic it has been slow since I've left to India, but people are comeing back like you :-)

      Thanks for stopping by


  4. Never been to India, but it looks beautiful! Awesome job this month, waiting for your may update!

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  7. I have been waiting to see more posts. Have you started a new blog? Keep us updated.

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