Monday, October 10, 2016

I'm Back To Write Again

Hi All

After long months without writing any word in the blog and what happened to me, I'm back to write again and with you for the long time.

I've got few emails from long readers asking where I am now? Did I left this blog and moved to other blog?

So the answer is: I'm Alive and still here doing my best to success with lots of setbacks from May till Today.

Which setbacks I had you're asking?  Woow so many:

1. I've separated from my girlfriend

2. I've moved to other city 20km from my children house, better than before 75 km :-) from them.

3. living all by myself ( 45 years I always been with someone).

4. left a job and now I'm again unemployed.

5. needed to sell stocks from my portfolio so I can live from that money and pay alimony(child support) , rent , bills, food etc.

6. I had no computer and no Internet connection from June until today - I bought the computer 2 days ago and got the Internet today :-)

7. I had to fix my old car and get car license and insurance - in the city I live the public transportation not so good so I can't sell the car and use the money to boost my portfolio.

So what is next with me?
In the last 4 months I've read lots of books (I will write soon post ) and other bloggers posts about investing and success :

1. I will try and be more devoted to my eBay business that I've build in the last 12 months and make it better and bigger withing the next 12 months.

2. I will reach FI in 3 years by 31.12.2019.

3. I will attend for the first time to #FinCon17 at Dallas,USA (25 - 28/10/2017).

4. I will write more posts here and in my other blog that I manage about Stamps and Coins.

5. I will generate more Income from my blogs (thank you for your support).

Now it is my way to SUCCESS . stay tuned for more posts soon...



  1. Despite some setbacks you seem quite positive and there is some good news you mention. Now you are closer to your kids, you can focus on your eBay biz a bit more and generate more income that way and being FI in 3 years is awesome. Before you know it three years will pass and hopefully you would have taken all the right steps between now and then. Glad to see you back.

    1. Hello Keith

      I'm very positive about my future, I see it in my eyes, How I will spend more time with my kids helping them with school :-) , How I will take them with me to travel the world.

      Hope to see you more often , I really like your blog also.



  2. In some ways I am envious of you that you're unemployed. Good luck on your ebay business!

    1. Hi ME

      Don't envy me, it is hard when you don't know how I will pay the next alimony. About my eBay business it is right now at a nose dive but I do my best to pick it up also.

      Thanks for visiting hope to see you again.


  3. Welcome back! Keep on writing so we can keep you accountable. LOL :) Yeah, It's been 2-3 years since I had a reliable personal laptop, so I can feel your pain.

    Looking forward to see more of your articles.

    1. Hello Vivianne

      Yes' it was hard without any computer , now that I have I find more time to write.


  4. Welcome back to blogging and happy that you have been able to overcome all these setback! resilience and strength are the most important things in life.
    Cheers and keep strong

    1. Hello RA50

      Yes , strength is the most important thing in life, now that I have to take care my dad.


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