Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Goals

We are heading into 2016, and it is the time to write down the next year goals. after 2015 bad fiasco in financial terms, I hope that next year would be much better.

Last week my ex-wife told me that from January my girl will have to go to the orthodontic , to fix her teeth, I need to pay half of this and it will be approx. $1600 each of us. I didn't prepared for this, so I will need to find funds for that.

So lets go the goals for the 2016 year:

Financial Goals

1. Dividend Income - I'm setting low increase in my dividend income - 12.50% to $900. I think that I will not put fresh capital yet this year but who now what next year will be.

2. Online income - my adsense don't bring me much income but in 2016 I hope to make $80 with the 2 blogs I manage, with much traffic and hope so some more help from my readers.

3. Debt - Hope that in 2016 I will lower my debt level to $16,500.

4. eBay Store - In 2016 I want to sell $1500 (not include shipping cost) Inventory worth.

Personal Goals

1. Study - I have 2 exams to pass in this year so I can start my 6 month internship to my Insurance sales person license.

2. Reading - I want to read 4 new books - 1 noble and 3 about investing.

Blog Goals

1. Traffic - Hope to reach 50,000 page views , Today I'm standing at 16,000 page views , so I want to have an average of 2,000 page views per month.

2. Posts - In 2016 I want to write 48 posts.

3. Facebook - I want to have 75 likes to my page.

What are your 2016 goals?


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  2. TBDI

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    Thanks for stopping by