Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Robert Shimen And Me

Us as a group of people who want to make an passive income, I assume that my readers read like me books and blogs from the people who 'did it'… I was two days ago in the discourse of Robert Shimen in Haifa, he was telling about the book – 'how come this idiot's is reach and I'm not?', I have learned few things from this nice hour and my conclusion is he is not an idiot at all.

And if the rich people like him made their wealth with their two hands they are far far away from being idiots. Period.
Now, it was a very nice evening, we got out from the net and the blogs and the books to hear the story from first hand and take a nice photo, and touch dollars dust.

Around the week before my girl watched few videos that tells how to make an passive income more then what I have, she wanted to be more involve of this idea, here is her conclusion – passive income is a real job until it become passive one, and even after you got it, it takes time to keep it, if not it can be hobby with a little income, like she do – complete puzzles. And the people who teach us how to make a passive income – it's their real job, just like Robert Shimen do.

Merry Christmas

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