Saturday, February 27, 2016

Travel To India

Hi All

After long days thinking about it I want to travel to India !!! for 1 month from 18/3 to 18/4 , I want to take a break from my hectic life of running for money to pay my alimony, rent and every thing else. I've decided to make my dream from my youth to come true - TRAVEL TO INDIA.

Now I need to raise $800 in 20 days, and How I will do this:

1. Online income - thanks for your support!!! (now I need it more then ever)

2. Dividend income that I will get until 15/3

3. eBay store sales - I'm running a store sale for 20 days.

Wish me luck and help me as much as you can (even donations to my pay pal account of $5 can help - )


  1. In 2012, I spent 6-weeks traveling all around India. You must visit the Golden Triangle. It's the most fascinating country I've been to. Prepare yourself to see and experience many new things and not all of them pleasant. You will come home a different person, I can promise you that.

    1. IH

      I know I will come different person - maybe a better investor :-)

  2. India would be amazing, would love to go there one day.