Monday, September 14, 2015

Dividend Income - August 2015

Another month has passed by and I'm glad to share my journey to financial freedom due to alimony.
In August I've earned $26.19 (after tax) in dividends  -

GIS - $5.94
AXP - $3.04
CL - $4.56
PG - $5.96
FAST - $3.99
COST - $2.70

This month I've sold 5 ETF's: DVE, IYR, IXJ, FDD and KBE.

This month I've bought 8 stocks: WFC, T , VZ, JNJ, DE, DOV, CAT and PM.

Next month probably I will have less dividend income due to the ETF's sells but I offset it with 8 new stocks so in the other months I will get higher dividends.

May dividend income covers 3.90% from the monthly alimony.

I invite you to write and share your dividend income of August.

I'm long on all the above mention stocks..


  1. Congrats on the dividend income and thanks for sharing


    1. R2R

      Thanks for your good words, hope to see you again soon.

  2. Looking good, it was great to see how well GIS did on the earnings report yesterday. T was a solid purchase in my opinion, I'm adding to my T position today if my limit order fills at $32. T is darn near a 6% yield now.

  3. DC

    T and VZ are very good buy right now, I think you will get T in that price.

    Hope to see you soon

  4. Look forward to your September income. Should be a nice amount. You bought into some nice names above. I still like CAT in October.

    1. DivHut

      September dividend income will be much lower than I tought, due to the sell of my ETF's, I will post the dividend income soon