Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dividend Portfolio Update - August 2015

Well, the time has come to update my dividend portfolio once again as heading to another start of a new month. My portfolio is my way to freedom from looking after funds to pay my alimony. One day, the dividend income this portfolio generates will fully cover my alimony. It’s important to keep in mind that I'm updating the overall value of my portfolio because if I have setbacks (like in the last 3 months I'm not working a full time job and I 'm doing side hustles), I will use the funds in my dividend portfolio to pay my alimony.

August(and 4 days of September) was crazy, incredible, with lots of noise - Yellen will she or will not raise the ratein September, China's stock market collapse,
This month I did sold my 5 ETF's: DVY, FDD, KBE, IXJ and IYR, In the other hand I bought 8 Stocks: T, VZ, CAT, DE, PM, DOV and WFC. I like the low prices that I got my priceless business.
The value of my dividend portfolio is: $30,666.12 - (-9.14%) or $2805.49  decrease month over month. .

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