Friday, September 25, 2015

Side Hustles - August 2015

First post about my Side Hustles that I wrote before, I try to bring as much income as I can so I can pay my child support(Alimony), so I built few income streams in case I will lose again my day job income - Like I was in the last 3 months.

so here they are:

Dividend income - $26.19

Ads on this blog and my other blog about coins and stamps - $0.10

Delcampe store - $2 sales (Not profit!!)

eBay Store - $0 sales( Yes ZERO!!)

Recycling Cans and Bottles - $80

Total Side Hustles for August: $108.29

I think that for first month that I do side hustles it is good income, What do think??

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