Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Of September - My Life Is On The Right Way :)

In recent months I searched again the path of my life .
A year ago I've decided to make a change in my employment and learn a new profession - an insurance broker and an investment advisor .
At age 44(in 2 weeks :-) ), divorce, father of two children who is paying alimony(child support), it was a big risk, my studies cost a lot of money, I moved back from the north to the center of the country, and my new job was enough for basic expenses and alimony(child support).

As someone who has been throgh a thing or two in his life, I jumped back into the cold water with a lot of faith I can do it.
I enrolled in four courses at the same time to finish and gradueat as quickly as possible. 
I started a new job in a new city called Herzliya and it 
seemed that everything goes smoothly.

There was only one thing I didn’t tought about…

 I did not expect to fall in love, which diverted the course of my life and I got lost . 
why? Here's the story:
I decided to go with my love and again I moved from the center to the north of the 
country, so I left my job and found a new one in insurase company.

Transition to a new job that I didn’t know yet , I did the usual route - to be a 
field agent, but I didn't know that this position was not for me at all. 
It really did not suit my character .
So I found myself rolling between work and sits very much at home in the city I do not know.

Like all looking for a job I applied for every job that was possible everywhere inIsrael.
Lucky me, one of my classmates works in one of the largest investments  companies in Israel , she told me they were looking for someone in the role of customer service to insurance agents . Bingo. This is exactly the right job for me.
It is a company to grow with for life… 

So in the end of the summer holidays, I started a new perfect job and I'm happy.
My youngest son started first grade, and it is tremendous excitement
My older daugter started sixth grade, it is the last year in elementary school .
Life is back on track, and I'm in love.
Happy new Jewish year 

Sharon .

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